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Larry started by studying architecture, and he started his career in carpentry.  In 1979, he decided to specialize in the carpet industry. In the mid-80's, he started investing in fabrication machines which was the beginning of the workshop that he has today.


We design and fabricate custom edge treatments for area rugs and stair runners. The edge treatments can be simple poly binding or more sophisticated serging; but they can also be more interesting fabrications like wide canvas, tapestry or leather borders. We make rugs with custom inlay designs and beveling.  We restore fringed rugs.  We do repair work on rugs, and we clean rugs.  Larry also installs stair runners.


We work with carpet stores, designers and retail customers.  We even get referrals from out-of-state companies and designers.  We accommodate projects and budgets of almost all sizes. Larry has 40 years of experience in the trades.  He has old-school craftsman knowledge and extensive experience in the carpet industry that is rarely found these days.  Most of all, he produces work of the highest quality, and we have repeat customers and referrals based on that.




Owner, Larry Stickle


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